OyOsMusic signed artist John Cole's XheXhe music video has been playlisted on Trace Africa

OyOsNews is proud to announce that one of the OyOsMusic signed artists John Cole's video has broken through into Trace Africa's playlists.

The video was released on the 17th of December and has been doing quite well, enough to make it worth being watched by the whole of Africa.

The shared vision of Charles also known as Chuck and Cole himself is responsible for the breathtaking directing which gave birth to the video of XheXhe coupled with the spectacular location which Cole himself picked.

It would be an injustice to talk about the XheXhe video without taking a moment to applaud the choreography and energy exuded in the video and we asked do we owe it to Cole's choreographing skills??

Yes I always Choreography all the songs and videos from the Color of Dance Ep and I also co produced and co wrote with Dj Tamuka

At OyOsMusic we acknowledge that some areas of success require tried out recipes and John Cole was generous enough to part with his:

Have faith in your work and its best you try and get rejected than not try at all and never know also never give up no matter the obstacles.