OyOsMusic signee Takura is making a lot of 'Noise'

OyOsMusic signee Takura is making a lot of 'Noise'
A scene from the video

Zimbabwean Hip hop sensation Takura releases a banger that has been driving hip hop and trap fanatics around the country crazy.

OyOsMusic signed artist Mr Okay Okay as he is popularly known has dispersed all beliefs about him being done for, contrary to that belief the Mai Mwana hitmaker recently dropped a banger "Noise" and ironically it has indeed been making noise.

The artist raps about his dominance in the Zimbabwean hip hop scene as he continues to rise and ensuring that Zim Hip Hop is safe. The visuals feature scenes from the racing capital of Zimbabwe Donnybrook Raceway as well as some from a backyard making it a must-see.

Takura's fans are nothing short of impressed by their number favourite's work with over 44 000 views and over 2 000 likes the Fans had a lot to say and below are some of the comments compiled by OyOsNews:


Not a fan of hip hop but i always find myself trapped in Takura's musik,.anogona zvake mujaya uyu,.  

used to be a fan wa  Takura apa ndato air conditioner chaiyo

While some people are busy fooling around in the music industry Takura is busy making Hits... 

Uyazi lomuntu lo this is music takura inja yegame