OyOsMusic thanks sponsors

OyOsMusic thanks sponsors
OyOsMusic Gives thanks to The Sponsors

A rather illustrious evening was put together last Friday at Star FM Studios celebrating the official launch of Zimbabwe’s first ever online music store, OyOsMusic. The launch was a red carpet cocktail event which featured a roster of brilliant local artists who have already signed with the brand and was graced by the Hon Min of Information, Communication, Technology, Postal and Courier Services, Mr Supa Mandiwanzira as the guest of honour. The platform was created in order to curb music piracy which is currently running rampant in the country and channel the sweat of our local musicians into hard-earned profits. Their efforts were celebrated by a range o numerous performances.

To make all this possible, the venue for the launch was provided by Star FM whilst the main stage was provided by The Volt. The red carpet banner for all the numerous talents and distinguished guests that arrived at the event was provided by Grantpack Printing Co whilst Ster Kinekor was provided with the red carpet and rails. Stationery was provided by Viciakesmedia and FirstMate whilst catering for the night was solely be handled by Bhello City Foods. Styling for the V.I.P, ushers and hosts was handled by Jan Jam alongside Empire Styling and all decor and equipment was provided Bilebanal Hiring. The entire event was filmed by Royal Media Group and the music and sound equipment was provided by Tropical Sound and Music Distributors and managed to give the audience a night to remember.

The brand has already made quite a hefty list of achievements which they celebrated at the event chiefly, succeeding in giving out its first quarterly payouts and the progression it has made in the ongoing fight against music piracy in our country. The very heart of the whole gathering, however, was to celebrate the brand finally coming to life, the love of our very own homegrown music and how well received it has been by the Zimbabwean community. To date, OyOsMusic has signed over 132 artists and the online store has currently over 6000 songs accessible by the Zimbabwean community in all parts of the world. The music is available on their website (www.oyosmusic.co.zw) or the Android app available on the Google Play Store (“OyOsMusic”). To support our local artists, one can simply browse, preview, select and pay for the track of their choice.

The OyOsMusic team hopes that their efforts will help curb music piracy in our country and will lead to better lives for our musicians and improve our music industry in general.