Piracy a music parasite

Piracy a music parasite
No To Music Piracy
According to the Recording Industry Association of America, music piracy is the main reason that industry revenue has been cut in half since 1999, and the stars are fed up.
The fight between the music industry and pirates has been playing out like a cat-and-mouse game since before the glory days of Napster and its ilk.
With the proliferation of the Internet and related technologies, the whole thing has turned into whack-a-mole as soon as one site is shut down, another one pops up.
For the music industry, victory if it ever comes would be at best, considering that the US music industry alone has invested billions of dollars in anti-piracy measures. Yet, it still loses about USD 5 Billion in annual revenues to piracy.
It's time for the industry to change its one-dimensional outlook and adopt a new perspective to fighting piracy


Music piracy happens because of collusion between two parties that is the providers of illegal content and providers of file-sharing technologies.

The industry can tackle both of them by developing new watermarking methods that can trace the source of illegal distribution, and by working with online stores to remove infringing apps and restricting their access to illegal websites. Additionally, Internet Services Providers (ISP) too could keep tabs on the downloading activity of accounts on their bandwidth.