Promoters, distributors tell musicians to embrace digital media

Promoters, distributors tell musicians to embrace digital media
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The media have historically always shared news through traditional platforms such as print, television, and radio. In our increasingly digital age, the media is quickly embracing digital mediums (such as social media, blogs, and apps) as valuable ways to share their stories.

Various music promoters and distributors across the country are urging all artist to make use of digital platforms like OyOsMusic, an online digital store which sells music for local artists citing that that’s where the world is moving to and artists should take the opportunity when it is still presenting itself in an affordable manner.

Digital news platforms like OyOsNews, Techzim, and My Zimbabwe News also plays a pivotal role in the quick dissemination of news which artists should take advantage of.

Goals for any artist is to be featured on TV or in a print publication,  but now there is increased value in being featured on a media outlet’s digital platform. So, whether it is an online version of a print publication, a TV station’s social media platforms or a magazine’s app, the digital era is on the rise.