Prophet Passion betrayed by Enzo

Prophet Passion betrayed by Enzo

Most talented Zimdancehall artist Enzo Ishall has been trending ever since he decided to leave chillspot (Prophet Passion Java ) and join Teemak(Tawona Chipunza) production.

This move attracted the Major Twabam's interest as he was bankrolling the Kanjiva hitmaker, paying his rentals on top of that buying him a car.

Java reacted by posting funny skits on social media throwing funny statements at Teemak who never reacted back. Underneath the humour was a heart sconed and feeling betrayed by Enzo.

The main question all around was, who is this new guy who has made Enzo ditch his day one's Mangoma Depot, Levels, Ribe and Fantan. The 23year old Teemak's reply was that

"People think that I'm a guy with money and I just showed up from nowhere to sign Enzo, that's not true, I'm not new to the music industry, I have been doing events for the past seven years since I was 16. I did events with Winky D, Killer T, Stunner, Jah Signal, Trevor Dongo, and Enzo Ishall himself. All of these events were done in Cyprus, and I was the financer o the events."

"Sometimes I would not be there, but I was behind everything, using one of my guys who is based in Cyprus anonzi Styles, my business partner.

He is the one people knew because I wanted to be behind scenes but it was me doing all these events," said the young Millionaire who only wears white. He said his relationship with Enzo, in particular, goes way back.

I am the one who took him to Cyprus in January 2019 and that's when we decided we will work together but before anything was official, I had to be away and other people came in and whatever happened happened. I tried to push in for it but it did not happen.

When I came this time for my other business, fortunately, he was available enough and we came to this conclusion," He said.