Social media erupts on Vimbai Zimuto’s explicit video

Social media erupts on Vimbai Zimuto’s explicit video
Vimbai Zimuto

Vimbai Zimuto released a music video, ‘Hapana Kwaunoenda’ which is turning viewers on.

The diva has set tongues wagging with the racy video, which is a far cry from what most Zimbabweans would term ‘a public friendly video’. The theme of the song is about enticing a man, keeping him on lockdown so he doesn’t stray. It features the songbird in skimpy lingerie which leaves little to the imagination and a face mask.

The video which is reminiscent of ‘50 Shades of Grey’ shows Vimbai frolicking on the bed and in various stages of semi-nudity making some very suggestive moves.

“It seems acceptable when Western celebrities do it. Is it acceptable when our own local artists express themselves in this way?” read a twitter post.

“I think this is an example of a counter-narrative to the dominant one. While there are arguments about African or Western traditions and standards, the day and age we should accept that women are taking ownership of their bodies and spaces seem to be upon us” read another post on Twitter.