Society braces for some treatment courtesy of Social Doctor

Society braces for some treatment courtesy of Social Doctor
Social Doctor - Kufanana na Jesu

When a gospel album as promising as  Kufanana naJesu is scheduled to release the generall reaction is an insatiable feeling of antsiness. The good news at hand is that the wait is fast approaching its end and finally gospel fans all around can finally get some daily inspiration courtesy of Social Doctor.

Kufanana naJesu is Social Doctor's second studio album and it goes without saying that it has been one of the most anticipated gospel albums of the year considering how long it had been since he had released a new project. The cherry on top which added to the restlessness of people is perhaps the fact that the rumoured 5 five producers who 5 of the 8 tracked album were confirmed to be true.

with a tracklist featuring songs like Gabhorona which was produced by Oskid as well as Unoda Shoko and Mari which were both produced by Lyton Ngolomi, the album becomes a must listen to. Social Doctor confirmed that the album will help show Zimbabweans that Jesus Christ is the solution to every problem they may face on earth and that it will help them draw closer to their maker in prayer and praise. 

Blessing Shumba is featured in a track called Dzzingori Nyasha which is a testimonial song reflecting the mercies and grace of God in these talented artists lives. With a hint of mhande in the track, Vauya Baba Kufanana na Jesu is bound to be gospel enthusiasts favourite.

The album will be available for legal purchase and download on upon release on the 19th of July as preparations are at an advanced stage.