Zim-Dancehall Star Enzo about to shine in New Interational Tours

Zim-Dancehall Star Enzo about to shine in New Interational Tours
Enzo lshall

Honestly, some people thought that Enzo's career was going to die by leaving Twabam Chillspot but God has proven that he is the one that places people around you as a stepping stone, who knew Enzo Ishall's career would actually proceed after he betrayed a Prophet Passion.

Enzo might have travelled in the world last year but this time it is bigger and better and evidenced by the events that are taking place in his life. This time he is shining brighter, raising the Zimbabwean flag higher.

Stallion is ready to take the world by storm as he talks about growing his brand to a number of big music countries such as Nigeria and the USA.

With the 20 Stallion, Asia tour is kicking off in March. Enzo is actually left with less than 4weeks to prepare himself to achieve and live his dream.

Fans in the USA are bracing themselves for the shows of a lifetime and are pregnant with anxiety over Enzo's performance. The Magate fame has promised not to disappoint. The stage has been set for Enzo and such opportunities will grow him and prepare him for future and more international tours.

Young upcoming artists can get inspiration from Enzo Ishall who rose from a very humble background and persevered and is now bracing the international stage.