Star FM's Sunday celebration

Star FM's Sunday celebration
The OyOsMusic Team

The thing about having a successful brand is that every now and again a personal victory is in order and what better way to acknowledge this than having your very own celebration while you’re at it? Such a celebration was in order this Sunday as Star FM qued an illustrious get-together along with its partners from OyOs Music at the prolific Mudziyashe resort this Sunday. Who better to grace the occasion apart from the various DJ’s, producers and presenters from Star FM and personnel from OyOs Music as well? 

Nearing the completion of its fifth year on the air, Star FM rounded up an eminent group of guests that many may be able to familiarize with at the event. Had one attended, they were likely to run into personalities, such as DJ Moxinator, Kudzai Violet Gwara (KVG), DJ Mbali, Tariro Mazvarirofa and Phatisani Sibanda alongside many others and they would be at liberty to interact freely with them had you happened to be present.

At this point, the big question would be So, what did I miss out on?. Well apart from enjoying the serene atmosphere – one that a person at Mudziyashe lodge is likely to experience – the atmosphere was filled with laughter with speeches coming from the Star FM personnel as well as those from OYOS Music. But this relaxed atmosphere also held with it plenty of entertainment for guests. You would also miss out on the braai which took place alongside the events. One who has attended one can testify on the enticing details this entails. With that picture in mind imagine having it surrounded by all the aforementioned individuals and at this perfect Glen Lorne venue. I know – it was epic.

To top this all off it was food and drinks galore and soon the event etched itself into an early evening ending at around eight o’clock. To describe this event, words such as memorable, well-deserved and fulfilling are in order. At the end of the day, the hearty ceremony ended subtly as did all the excitement entailed in the occasion. Needless to say, this is an iconic event serving as a prequel to Star FM’s glistening future along with OyOs Music.