Stop child marriages! Outcries Tuku

Stop child marriages! Outcries Tuku
Oliver Mtukudzi at the Billboard awards
In Dr. Oliver Mtukudzi’s latest album “Hany’ga” “Concern” in English, is a song titled “Haasati Aziva” which talks about early marriage stigma that is mostly affecting the girl child.
On his official Facebook page “Tuku Musik Official”, he said the song “Haasati Aziva” is a protest against grownups to desist from marrying younger girls at a tender age.
“I’m talking about early marriages, parents marrying their children at tender age. Please lets be disciplined enough to respect our children. Respect our society by letting children grow up let them grow up,” emphasised concerned Dr. Tuku.
He said let’s all stand together and protect young girls and let them grow up into mature women who can make their own decisions.
This is his 67th album and this one talks about all the different things that concern people. As an artist Dr Oliver has covered on subjects that range from child marriage and the importance of building good relationships in the song “Wanza Sorry”. The album has ten tracks titled Matope, Bopoto, Dehenya, Shiringinya, Haasati Aziva, Uchatinhei, Inombotangasei (nhamo), Wanza Sorry, Inyasha, Mahara.