‘The boy who cried wolf’- Jah Love really ill or an excuse not to show up?

Soul ‘Soul Jah Love’ Musaka has of late been hogging the limelight for the wrong reasons. The dancehall chanter posted a video a few hours ago, apologising to his South Africa fans for not being able to show up for his show due to illness.

The video just went viral with many clearly disappointed by the artist’s continuous excuses for not attending shows.

The ‘Naka Dhula Dhaka’ hit maker has become notorious for such stunts and leading to many questioning if he is really sick this time or making the usual excuse. It is alleged that Jah love has been battling with drug abuse and some believe that is why he has been up to mischief lately. Over the past few years he has not only failed to attend shows but in some cases the artist acts rowdy and initiates violence at show (the famous Seh Calaz exchange of blows).

Last year he made headlines when a Pretoria-based promoter threatened to behead him over a show he has failed to attend after being given a R7000 deposit and R26000 to fly to SA. He was also arrested for failure to abide by the aviation regulations at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport.

One is of the view that the artist’s dodgy way of handling business has led many into believing that he is just up to his usual excuse. It is time that the artist tries to clean up his act and erase the notoriety.