The Hunter is Hunted- Gonarezhou coming soon

Gonarezhou trailer is out and need I say it just sent chills all over. One cannot wait to watch it and before we do here is a synopsis of the film.

How do you survive in an isolated village with a small people population and a large wild animal

For Zulu, a rural-cultured young man, it is a constant battle for survival. He lives a fantasy of a world acclaimed musician. In reality, he is an abandoned child, whose father walked out during his infancy.

He lives with his sickly mother who cannot afford to send him to school. He must figure out how to get through each day, how to deal with the circumstances of his life, why he is ill-fated, how to take care of his mother, and how to realise his dream. All the while, coming to terms with his internal issues.

As the sad story unravels, Zulu’s mother succumbs to ill health. His anger towards life thrusts him into the arms of armed poachers who become his new family. Together with his newly found family, they become a notorious gang of poachers under the charge of a vicious tycoon. Zulu finds love amidst the mayhem, in the form of a human trafficking victim, who in herself is in need of
an exit to freedom.

The government becomes restless and deploys a new breed of park rangers, as the heat escalates in Gonarezhou, Zulu contemplates quitting the game whilst ahead. His plan is to escape with his newly found love after one last job. His job; to deliver a rhino horn to a foreign buyer. He must navigate out of this highly charged environment to meet with his fate, good or bad.

The film is a masterpiece directed by Sydney Taivavashe in conjuction with ZimParks and will star the beautiful Tamy Moyo and Tariro Mnangagwa.