The lamentation of artists in the diaspora: Lamont Chitepo speaks out

The lamentation of artists in the diaspora: Lamont Chitepo speaks out
UK based musician, Lamont Chitepo

In a small local music arena that is dominated by only a few artists that are based on the ground it has become challenging for those in the diaspora to fit in and be appreciated.

A few days ago, UK based artist, Lamont Chitepo released a club banger ‘Vhuka Vhuka’ which he collaborated on with HKD Boss, Freeman. However it has not been all roses for the artist as he is pushing hard to be appreciated by the music family back home.

Speaking to OyOsNews, Lamont Chitepo expressed his frustration at the way that the local music scene has sort of neglected the budding talent that is in the diaspora.

“I think being a musician who lives outside of Zimbabwe is one of the most challenging things I have ever come across. While we have large numbers of Zimbabweans living abroad, there has been no platform that supports not just musicians but creative minds of Zimbabwean origin”, said Chitepo.

“We feel that to some extent we do not belong anywhere, be it Zimbabwe or the respective countries we reside. We belong nowhere and this is reflected in the way our music is received”, he added.

Lamont went on to admire the way in which Nigerians create platforms to appreciate their artists in the diaspora and also appreciating their music on various music spheres such as the Apple Music top 100.

“I have studied Nigerian arts and they have created platforms themselves. These platforms feed back to the platforms back home and that is why when you look at the Apple Music Nigeria top100, it consists of Nigerian music. The Zimbabwean Apple Music top100 has 95% of foreign music and some of it is even Nigerian music” said Lamont.

“We always have artists from other countries going to Zimbabwe to collect the little foreign currency Zimbabwe has. We are well aware of this and as artist in the diaspora we are working towards creating our own platforms and writing our own stories”, he added.

Lamont is one artist who has continuously tried to reach out to his Zimbabwean fan base and keeps interesting projects coming up. He is currently working on another collaboration with two local artists (not named) and will be gifting us with fine music in a few months’ time.