The Poetic Deep End: New Artists Speak Out

The Poetic Deep End: New Artists Speak Out
Leonard Mukwenga

Poetry fans from all over Harare gathered at Harare Gardens today to witness, for the first time ever, The Poetic Deep End, a spoken word poetry show hosted by IZWI Poetry Jam.

The event managed to have sold out tickets as well as refreshments and featured over 15 new poets in attendance. New names have appeared such as Kuda Rice, The Street Poet, TK Swizz, Zyek, Twisted Mind and Wilson Waison.

One of the event organisers and founder of IZWI Poetry Jam, Leonard Mukwenga, said: “We had our very own renowned poets but we also had a lot of new poets who came out to perform”

IZWI Poetry Jam began in 2017 with fortnightly performances at the National Art Gallery with performances from poets such as The Prince, The Unspoken and Teekay the Anomaly.

Mukwenga has vowed to continue expanding the enterprise and cultivate a strong culture of poetry among the youths