The Power of Music

The Power of Music
art of music

Music as an art form.

Music is generally perceived as the most universal of all art form. The literal meaning of the word music according to any dictionary is the art of combining vocal or instrumental sounds in a harmonious or expressive way. But music has got a meaning which is broader than this.

Music unquestionably affects our emotions. We tend to listen to music that reflects our mood. When we are happy we may listen to upbeat music, when we are sad we may listen to slower-moving songs when we are angry we listen to darker music with heavy guitar, drums and vocals that reflect our level of anger.

Music has got the power to heal, the power to transcend and it can surely serve as a beneficial and creative outlet.

"I think music in itself is healing, "renowned musician and singer-songwriter Billy Joel said.  

"It is an explosive expression of humanity, its something we are all touched by, no matter what culture we are from, everyone loves music." It is in this music that people are lost in moments because that is where people feel that their situations are being addressed, especially the lonely people who are usually not comfortable with sharing what they will be going through at that particular moment but just someone singing about it makes them relax knowing that at least someone understands what I am going through, at least someone else has been through this. 

We may not know why we prefer the artist we listen to except to say that we resonate with or feel the music or just that they write music which we like.

We can learn a lot about our emotional selves through our musical selves.