The truth about Tytan and Olinda's marriage has just come out

The truth about Tytan and Olinda's marriage has just come out

Singer Tytan's baby mama Olinda Chapel has filed for divorce.

In her papers, Olinda claims she was deceived into a marriage of inconvenience by Tytan whose real name is Njabulo Nkomo.Their pair made headlines last year after Olinda accused the singer of being a serial bed-hopper.

The two had exchanged vows in June 2018 and the marriage still subsists. Olinda and Tytan were then blessed with a child in April last year.

"It is just and equitable that custody of the minor child be awarded to the plaintiff with the Defendant getting reasonable access, It is just and equitable that the Defendant pay maintenance for the minor child until she reaches the age of majority," she said.

The socialite claims Tytan wanted to use their union to gain a UK residence status. She further claims that the two never had a connection as husband and wife.

"There was no valid marital union as there was no meeting of the minds at the time the parties entered into the marriage, I was fooled into the marriage," said Olinda.

 Olinda seems like she misinterpreted then got into the marriage believing it to be for love when in actual fact Tytan intended the marriage to be entered into it for purpose of his acquisition of immigration of papers enabling him to remain and reside in that using Olinda's immigration status.