There is more to Vimbai Zimuto than the Nudes

There is more to Vimbai Zimuto than the Nudes
Vimbai Zimuto

 Contrary to what the public sees in Vimbai Zimuto, a nudist and attention-seeking Instagramming artist, Vimbai is a really talented musician whose talent can get her noticed quicker than her pictures.

Vimbai Zimuto recently held an art exhibition concert and apart from her wonderful art pieces which were being showcased and sold that was just a mere teaser to the main course meal which was to be served for the night.

The art exhibition went on really quickly as Vimbai rushed to go and prepare for her performance and as people waited in anticipation for the show to start her full band made sure that even the soundcheck was a show on its own.

After having waited for some time the lioness of Africa appeared from behind the room looking dazzling in a shiny custom made dress, the thing that made her whole entrance a spine chilling one was the vocals and harmonies she was letting out with each step. In all honesty, I had never in my wildest dreams imagined Vimbai to be so good a singer as she showed on Saturday night.

The Venue Avondale was filled with vocals that would give even the toughest of man goosebumps and this was all courtesy of Vimbai Zimuto. After her performance, it was evident that there really is more to Vimbai Zimuto than her pictures that went viral.