Tinashe embraces her roots: "I am proudly Zimbabwean"

Tinashe Kachingwe who has recently been blasted on social media following a vague response she gave about her roots is apparently not the big bad wolf social media trolls are painting her to be. She actually loves Zimbabwe.

Despite the response, she gave concerning her ties to Zimbabwe Tinashe showed us way before the absent-minded response on Twitter that she is in love with her roots and she is proudly Zimbabwean.

Rewind time to six years ago when she graced the Auspicious event in London UK meant to celebrate young Zimbabweans based in the UK who were excelling in the journalism sector, Tinashe vehemently proclaimed she was proudly Zimbabwean so perhaps the right question shouldn't be why is she cutting ties now but the right question should be why would she, after all, she entered the music scene proudly wearing Zimbabwe like an armour via her name?