Union5 dreams of brighter future ahead

Union5 dreams of brighter future ahead

Tafara Dondo also known by his stage name Union5 is a 20-year-old producer, rapper, songwriter, visual artist, and beatboxer from Harare who is dreaming of a brighter future.

His best achievement came when he entered The Nationwide Talent Search Competition as a beatboxer which saw him win three thousand dollars.

“Winning the competition was a very big moment for me. It brought about many opportunities and I started having constant shows afterwards,” he said.

He said his biggest challenge has been trying to get electronic music into the Zimbabwean market after observing that most artists who tried it haven't been successful. His experimental style of music isn't something that is very common in Zimbabwe.

He said he was always fascinated by the production side of the music paying close attention to the beats. He would imitate the beats by beatboxing them.

The name Union5 came about when he sampled some of his beats to colleagues of his uncle's who then asked where are the other guys he worked with. To their surprise, he was the only one who had worked on the beats and it came as a bit of shock to them due to the varying styles.