Up close and personal with hip hop and spoken word artist, Livesoul

Up close and personal with hip hop and spoken word artist, Livesoul
Livesoul performing on stage
Real name
Temba Rwambiwa
Started performing
I started doing music professionally around 2009 but before that, I was most active in the underground hip hop scene. It was mostly hip hop and spoken word which we fused with various elements and sounds.
I am inspired by life and God in essence, I am inspired by reading mostly black literature, I am inspired by conversations, listening to Jazz hip hop and neo-soul.
Role model
Marcus Garvey
Performances and collaborations
Over the years, I was a regular performer at Mashoko, an event that was hosted by Magamba at the old Mannenburg in Harare:
Step Chakatchaya festival- 2011
Shoko Festival- 2011, 2013
Peace in the hood Concert- 2012 to 2015
Create Inspire and Change- 2013
World Music Freedom day- 2014
Da Grape Vine Rap Battles (Bulawayo)- 2014
The Art of Giving Back (SA)- 2016
The longest collaborative project I did was with Lesco a reggae artist/ vocalist, we formed the group Nu Alliance. We fused conscious hip hop and reggae in most of our performances.
Did a song with Dadza D, Pauline Gundidza, Synik and Lesco- Create Inspire Change produced by Mockery in 2015.
 Stop the bleeding Livesoul, Synik and Pauline produced by Cutty beats ( A campaign song for Trust Africa that went on to win an Honesty Oscars award 2016).
Created and collaborated on a project with Plot Mhako under Jibilika. The project was called Rhyme sessions which aimed at using hip hop and urban culture to promote positive social change 2016.
Advice to other young artists
Find yourself in God, build your craft with patience, understand the business of arts and stay humble, stay learning
To build a foundation strong enough to create, own, control and distribute content. That means having a production house.