Vedu Band uplifting women

Vedu Band uplifting women
Vedu Band on stage

Vedu Band is an all-female group of students from music crossroads which has proven to be popular with its jazz fusion and hard-hitting songs about the girl child. The band performed at Faith Mtukudzi’s birthday bash on Friday last week.

The band comprises of Edith Weutonga who plays the bass guitar, Rizwana Gwini who is also a threat to the bass throne, on drums, there is Melody Mtembo, on the keyboard, there is Anesu Sabeta and on vocals, there is Trish Sharara (lead vocalist), Sharex and Pamela.

They call their type of music Chikende.

“We are trying to enable the girl child to have a voice through music so our band mainly focuses on uplifting women.”

“It is because a woman’s voice finds it hard to have an impact on society and have an influence on the community so we are a group which wants to emancipate women,” said Trish.

Faith Mtukudzi is a fashion designer and she said she appreciates being an artist.
She said she feels honoured to have been under the guidance of Oliver Mtukudzi who has been a father as well as her icon.

Faith labelled her birthday as the biggest birthday bash ever.

She said, “The motive was to celebrate the beginning of life and good working relations with most artists and in particular the upcoming artists like Vedu Band.”