Vimbai Zimuto drops another steamy video

Vimbai Zimuto drops another steamy video
Vimbai Zimuto

Netherlands based singer Vimbai Zimuto has yet again dropped steamy music video titled ‘African Men’ to turn up the heat after her controversial music video ‘Hapana Kwaunoenda’. The diva set tongues wagging with the racy video, which is a far cry from what most Zimbabweans would term ‘public friendly video’.

The theme of the song is about enticing a man, keeping him on lockdown so he doesn’t stray, it features the songbird in skimpy lingerie which leaves little to the imagination and a face mask.

Speaking to OyOsNews last month Vimbai said:

The Zimbabwean society has always been keen to pretend as though sex, let alone the sexualization of the female neither occurs nor exists. Exotic dancers like Bev Sibanda are glorified and vilified in the same breath. We often hide under the pretentious thumb of morality and culture and the ideal African woman who must be sexually satisfying and appealing but only behind closed doors lest the boogeyman of morals comes and swallows us all up.