WATCH: Enzo Ishall's 50 MaGate Challenge Sparks Controversy

WATCH: Enzo Ishall's 50 MaGate Challenge Sparks Controversy
Enzo Ishall, the man behind the 50 MaGate challenge controversy.

Popular ZimDancehall artiste, Enzo Ishall recently dropped his 50 paMaGate behind the scenes video and it has taken social media by storm.

The video features local rapper Kikky Badass and the video speaks about female prowess while displaying several women twerking at a Masowe shrine. In the meantime, Enzo Ishall stands over them in a red robe pouring a calabash of water down the women's backsides. It is implied that the women are being exorcised.

This video has developed into yet another full-blown challenge and local celebrities such as Beverley Sibanda have already participated in it. The video has bought with it some comic relief, as there are less successful (hilarious) attempts at the challenge.

The video has managed to spark a lot of conversation with some saying the video sexually objectifies women while others see no fault in Enzo's video or his intentions. The video did, however, manage to spark conflict between Enzo Ishall and his wife as suggested by iHarare.

So far the song has managed to garner over 100 000 views on YouTube and the video is also currently circulating on social media.