Watch out for Gospel Singer Tafadzwa Nkomo (Glorious Praises)

Watch out for Gospel Singer  Tafadzwa Nkomo (Glorious Praises)
Watch out for Gospel Singer  Tafadzwa Nkomo (Glorious Praises)

Tafadzwa Nkomo was born in Mberengwa, Zimbabwe on the 25th of September 1990. He recorded his first music album,'Forerunner' in 2011.

He did a video album for Forerunner in that same year. His second album, Munyasha neMurugare was recorded in 2018.

In an interview with Oyos music, Tafadzwa says, "Growing up, I was inspired by a number of gospel musicians and I loved the way they delivered the word of God through song."

"I started composing and writing my own songs when I was still in primary school and continued doing so until I was able to take them to the recording studios after high school in the year 2011 when I recorded my first album, Forerunner".

"Although I did videos for this album and it was generally received l can say, I still felt it was poorly done and planned to redo it. I have always felt that getting the message across was more important than any financial gain because I believe gospel music is about preaching the word of God, praising and worshipping him".

"This, however, doesn't mean I don't care about money. I do, but I have never believed that I could earn from my music, considering the problem of piracy and the economic dynamics of the third world. I still believe though that to a certain extent, my music can cater to its production costs".

"I work with others as a band. We changed our band name from The Wilderness Voices to Glorious Praises and I always encourage my members to work hard in income-generating activities. I have held live performances in schools and at church conferences, and the curtain raised for Pastor Charamba and Fishers of Men. After that, I went into some sort of hibernation, until 2018 when I released my second album, Munyasha neMurugare. My plans are to record singles in future, and also to become more involved in music. Maybe it will earn me some money, but that is never going to be my motive because music will never be my primary source of income".

"I'm pursuing entrepreneurship as well as my studies and I believe that when I become accomplished in these areas, I will be able to produce more quality, world-class gospel music without having to worry about financial costs".

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