WATCH: Upcoming Artist NXT, Drops Debut Music Video For "Gwalanga"

Upcoming Artist, NXT, has released his debut music video for his song "Gwalanga" featuring Thain.

The video was uploaded on YouTube on the 10th of January this year and it is already amassing views on hundreds of views on the platform.

The song has a typical feel-good vibe and speaks particularly about a trend in the ghetto in which people who find it difficult to purchase beer for themselves establish relationships with richer patrons who can afford to quench their thirst. As a result, these people have earned the nickname: "poachers" and the song basically discourages these people from "poaching" beer from these patrons.

The artist gave out due credit to Barmlo Investments, S.A.P, JTZim, Club Connect and Thain.

"And on our future endeavours, we promise our fans and all musical stakeholders to release scorcher after scorcher as well as to look forward to penetrating the national regional and international market"