Who is PrayerSoul?

Who is PrayerSoul?
Prayersoul is taking his music to the next level

PrayerSoul, born Prayer Mtamangira a storyteller in essence but a musician in expression. This Zimbabwean native is a singer-songwriter who tells authentic African stories through soul music.

Mtamangira has a self-titled album PrayerSoul (2012), he held a Live Ep performance at the Old Mutual Theatre (2015) and his recent work is sophomore album ‘While I Was Away’ (2017).

PrayerSoul is currently on tour, doing his shows in Germany, Italy and Scotland. Coming back to the region, he has performed in South Africa, Malawi and Namibia.

“I am a true performer with the ability to connect and engage with the audience overwhelmingly.

 “As a solo performer with voice and guitar I connect intimately,” said Mtamangira.

PrayerSoul runs an interesting music initiative called the Pop-Up Guitar Class which is a mobile and flexible guitar.

Apart from music, PrayerSoul extends his influence in helping orphans and orphanage homes with his philanthropic drive through The PrayerSoul Foundation. PrayerSoul’s music can be found on OyOsMusic store by simply downloading the application on Google Play Store or visiting www.oyosmusic.co.zw