With 'Diamond Boyz' it is not just music, it is food for the soul

With 'Diamond Boyz' it is not just music, it is food for the soul
Diamond Boyz

Dangamvura-born siblings, Desmond (Dboi) and Dereck (Sparxx) Gopo, are on a mission to rejuvenate the spirit of Ubuntu and ignite a renewed sense of hope, courage, perseverance and strength to carry through the dream and vision of a better Zimbabwe through their latest offering Get Up And Rise.

OyOsNews got the opportunity to speak to Sparxx and he said that the song was penned out of a deep need to give hope and strength to the troubled.

“We came up with the lyrics, tailored in a way to uplift souls from the doldrums of abuse, depression, lack of opportunities and also to empower social issues surrounding the girl child”, said the artist.  

The brotherhood duo dropped this uplifting track a few weeks ago and it has been in circulation since.

“This is the perfect soundtrack for philanthropy work and many of these Charities can actually solidify their message while jamming to this tune”, he added.

At times, all that one needs is a hug and words of encouragement, words of affirmation,  and a boost of strength to carry on and Diamond Boyz have delivered the above through their latest release.