Xtra Large never confined to particular genre

Xtra Large never confined to particular genre
Xtra Large
Norman Manwere and Jim Mangezi both founders of Xtra Large said they never restricted themselves to any particular genre stating that their music is a fusion of Urban Grooves and Dancehall music.
“Xtra Large have never been confined to a particular sound. If people listen to a song that made us a household name back in the day Uriroja it had a dancehall vibe in it even the likes of Aiwa Mukoma which we did feature Sniper,” said Xtra Large
They said their strength lies in their lyrical content compared to the type of beats they use since they have always been social commentators and sing music that people can relate to.
The group expressed that they are much concerned about how the media is blocking the promotion of their music genre which is making them look like they have relaxed in terms of music production is concerned.
“We have been releasing some material but just that the fans, radio and the press seem to be concentrating on promoting certain genres and artists,” they said.
Radio has slots for Hip Hop, gospel and Zimdancehall where Dj’s play strictly that type of music sidelining their type of music, said Xtra Large.
In December 2017, Xtra Large released an album called The Truth which had a song that had an earlier video featuring Ba Shupi titled Papi Pacho.
They believed if there was the right push of the album from different entrepreneurs it was going to be one of the talked albums of 2017.
As for 2018, they are going to be releasing videos of the other tracks on the album and mid this year they will be dropping a single they are currently working on
“We are working hard to become the household name that Xtra Large once was.
“It will require all sides to bear with us to become what we really want to be and we are quite sure that with the assistance from the fans, media and promoters we will make it without much struggle,” they said.
The duo had the most thrilling techniques that always captured the attention of the people hence their music became very popular in public transport and hair salons.
They released their hit Uriroja which was packed with comedy and a vivid description of events which sort of made people like they were watching a movie when listening to their music.