After sampling Zimbabwean "flowers", Elikem has returned to Ghanaian lovers- Edith dumped

After sampling Zimbabwean
Elikem and Edith in happier times
After sampling Zimbabwean

“Zingizi gonyera pamwe maruva enyika haapere”

This is a proverb that Zimbabweans should have taught Elikem Kumordzie, the very first time he picked a flower in the country. The two time ‘son in-law’, has disappointed yet again, rocking social media chat rooms after it emerged that he is no longer with his Zimbabwean fiancée Edith Chibhamu.

Edith took to social media to share her devastation (picture above). Not many have pitied the multi-business woman, with some getting to the extent of saying that she got what she deserved.

Although sources say Edith’s ‘shady’ past was to blame for the breakdown of the two-year marriage, it has also been revealed that Elikem’s womanizing also irrevocably harmed the relationship.

Elikem has been caught up in the same web before and it seems the Ghanaian celebrity tailor has issues with commitment. Not so long ago he finally divorced with Pokello Nare aka Queen of Swagger.

 Pokello, asked why she broke up with the father of her son, Tristan, she responded:

“He wasn’t ready to be a husband and unfortunately after four years of trying to be patient with-all his transgressions, I just couldn’t do it anymore.”

Elikem has created quite a “bad” name on social media with some referring to him as an opportunist and gold-digger. He has been accused of using Edith for money to further his career. Edith helped to rent his East Legon flagship store, and who knows what else the CEO of Swissgold International was paying for

At the centre of the Chibhamu drama, Elikem is said to be bedding another older woman. The “Ben10” is reportedly dating Ghana’s former Deputy Minister of Gender, Rachel Appoh, who is said to have confessed to bedding the former Big Brother contestant.

Whether or not the ‘master charmer’ will find himself picking a third ‘flower’ is something that can only be answered with time, but for now it seems he has gone back to his homeland belles.