Caychi- A star rising from the Dzimbahwe

Caychi- A star rising from the Dzimbahwe
Caychi set to perform at the NAMAs
Caychi- A star rising from the Dzimbahwe

If you have listened to the radio lately then you have definitely heard the NAMA adverts bedded with a captivating sound, courtesy of an amazing musician, Caroline “Caychi” Chirowodza. Curious to get to know more about the lady behind ‘Great Zimbabwe, OyOsNews was honoured to have a small chat with the budding artist who is also set to perform at the glamorous NAMAs on Saturday.

When did you venture into music and how has been the journey so far?

It has been 2 years now doing music professionally and the journey has been tough and rough. It is the passion that keeps me going, l should have given up but l cannot do so since l have given a lot into music career and l will get there… l feel it.

Listening to Great Zimbabwe it is a very deep song with a profound message, what inspires your music?

Caychi music is inspired by what happens in our society to embrace our culture through music to add social meaning on what we do and to positively impact disadvantage communities through music.

I understand you were once based in South Africa, what pushed or pulled you back home?

Yes I was based in SA, came back to Zimbabwe launching my first album and l decided to stay home pushing music. You can't be well known out there without your people, they are the ones who lift you up. It has been a year now in Zimbabwe and l have been engaging mostly in live shows with my band Caychi and Afro jive band.

How has it been Listening to the radio each day and hearing your music booming out of the stereo?

I am humbled, l thank God. It is like a dream coming step by step into reality and being able to share it with the world is the cherry on the top. NAMA using my song for their radio commercial adverts as a rising star has been just amazing!

Some women in the industry have attested that it is male dominated and they feel neglected, what is your take on the position of women in music?

Oh yes, as women we have to work twice as hard as our male counterparts. It is as if by being a woman you have got a lot on your shoulder already, and  to be a woman in the industry demands a lot more of us to be there, where the male artist are and prove we are capable. All we need is to keep on going and gear up like the men do. We have amazing female artists who are making it, and as a rising female artist l think l also have to gear up.

Any projects coming up and when can we expect them?

Yes! I cannot wait for people to now really know who Caychi is, from singles, videos and a whole lot more. Let me also take this chance to thank Afrikdesign for accessorising my NAMA awards outfit.


Check out Caychi and the Afro-jive band, live at the NAMAs.