ONCE again, it’s Valentine’s Day, which usually leaves the streets peppered with roses and gifts.

To the ones in love, Valentine’s Day affords them an opportunity to celebrate and merry-make with their peers.

As for those in rocky relationships, Valentine’s Day affords them an opportunity to reflect on where they are getting it all wrong to ensure they put their houses in order.

Dino Mudondo

To those who are still searching and are yet to find either Mr/ Miss Right, Valentine’s Day is the day you try your luck.


H-Metro Assistant News Editor (Entertainment) Trust Khosa (TK) spoke to a number of celebrities who gave their reactions on how they will celebrate the day.

Some said they don’t believe in the day while others said every day is Valentines to them. Read on…

SELMOR MTUKUDZI (SONGBIRD/DIVA) – This year is a leap year. Tendai (Manatsa has been reminding me every day, apa I don’t even have a plan yet.

I’d like to encourage couples to continue to put effort into their relationships.


Nyasha Machembere

Let’s use this Valentine’s Day as a way to remind our husbands/partners that we care for them by sharing gifts.


TUKU MUSIC BOARD CHAIRPERSON (TUNGA SIMANGO) – Of late Valentine’s Day was observed as a day for expressing love between family members and friends rather than that of romantic couples.

These days, it is associated with romantic love, many couples choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day with dinner and picnic.

Another popular Valentine’s Day activity would be to indulge in a luxury hotel allowing a couple to get away from it and enjoy some time together.

Some do marriage proposals on this special day while some spoil their loved ones at their workplaces with roses, chocolates, deodorants before they go for dinner.


Mai Titi and Zizoe

As for our plans on the day, I will be organising a Valentine Gig at Pakare Paye Arts Centre comprising of Jah Prazah and the Black Spirits.

We will also perform a Valentine Dinner at the Village Restaurant (at the same place).

I will also take part to spoil my loved ones and as the norm each year between the two of us, each one buys presents for the other to make it too romantic.

This is a special day to a special person and it has to be seen real that love is what we all do.


ENISIA MASHUSHA (ACTRESS/SHOW HOSTESS) – Valentine’s Day is just a day to celebrate love but people forget that on other days when the loved one actually needs us, that is the time we should celebrate love and so the concern.

Today people just celebrate it to show off.

There is no actual love showcasing mending behind it.


So Valentine is open, love your loved ones and be loved too.

Mai Maka

Celebrate it for expressing your thoughts and not just fake it!

Be there for them in need all walks of life.

My other opinion is that this day is discrimination against singles.

If you are single you can’t celebrate it.

How is that fair and right? Happy Valentine’s to all lovers out there!


Happy Valentine’s to the people I love and cherish all the time.


TICH MUTODI (MUSICIAN/SOCIAL WORKER) – I will be at work on the Valentine’s Day really as l am outside the country where my lovelies. I will, however, send her a text in the morning and a sweet call.  It’s hard when you are far away from where the heart lies.

Tich Mutodi

For those who are close to their loved ones, l would say please make use of the time.  Enjoy while it lasts. Time is there for us to enjoy with our loved ones. Share presents.


JOSPHAT HOZHERI (MUSIC PROMOTER) – I personally don’t believe in Valentine’s Day but as promoters, we tend to benefit commercially on this day.


I will take my wife out for lunch probably kwa SaMukuzes for a traditional lunch.

Since it’s a leap year, I would then wait and see what Mrs would have bought for me.

I prefer whiskies or Castle Lite but any present I will accept.

Pub and venue owners have invited me again as they seek to commercialise and make a bit of money on this special day.


SASHA AMADHUVE (MBIRA PLAYER) – Valentin’s Day for me is and has been a special day as it is a day that I celebrate Love and for me, it marks the completion of yet another eventful love year with my husband.

So on the day, I will first send the children kwana gogo and spend the day with my hubby.

We will go wherever the wind of love takes us.

Elder Shambare and wife

I will come home early to prepare his favourite dish then off we go to a night out of song and dance at Ganya Nite Club where I will be holding a show for other love birds.


CARLOS GREEN (MUSICIAN SOCIALITE) – Inini hangu I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day, I used to but now it’s a bit tricky to believe in Valentine’s Day because partners are no longer faithful and almost every day we are witnessing reggae dramas.

So personally I’m not a fan anymore I have chosen to spend the day on booze with my friends.


PAH CHIHERA (MUSICIAN) – Personally, I believe love is an amazingly beautiful thing.

The blessing of having someone to wake to every morning in a marriage set up or just someone to check up on you in a dating set up.

When you are in love, every day should be made special in every aspect especially when as a lady you found a guy who worships the ground you walk on.

Cherish that for it is rare to find. When you love, love like it’s your last day on earth.

Carlos Green

Nevertheless, if you are unlucky in love, focus on yourself and the things you love and prepare for when you find love.

Never be in an unhappy relationship or marriage because you feel pressured by society, friends or family. If you touch love and it burns, let it go.

Valentine’s Day is a day set aside to cherish love and I encourage those in love to enjoy it and those not in love to embrace it as they await their knight in shining armour…he is there somewhere only time will tell. As for me, I’m going to spend it in Beitbridge (with Sista Jean at Pagomba Café on Friday and Saturday) with my fans.


MAI TT (COMEDIENNE) – I will be out with my fiancée celebrating the day with other couples at Gotcha Nyama.

We are hosting Valentine’s dinner there.

If you don’t have a partner it’s still ok I believe you got someone, a relative or kids you can share the love with on that special day.


WANISAYI “MAHWINDO” MUTANDWA (EVENTS MANAGER/MUSIC PROMOTER/SOCIALITE) – In my cases I believe in Valentine’s Day because I am a spoiled brat, my boyfriend always spoils me.

This year’s Valentine’s Day is a bit special because I am going to spend the day with my boyfriend.

We are going to spend the quality time together; he promised me lunch.

Enisia Mushusha

I am more gifts from him. He always spoils me. Sakandotoziva kuti I will be spoiled on Friday.


NYASHA ‘MACHEMBERE’ DOPE  (SOCIALITE/ENTREPRENEUR/MUSIC PROMOTER) – With all my heart and love I am sending you out my choicest wishes of love and togetherness forever with you. Wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day my family and lovely friends.. let’s continue to love each other and embrace each other with love. i believe valentine is for everyone whether it’s your husband, wife, sister, friend, daughter, sister. let’s spread the love everyone deserves to receive valentine messages. it’s not only for husbands and wives or dating people it’s all about love... Happy valentine’s day to all my loved ones from Machembere


WILBERT RUKATO (MODELLING INSTRUCTOR) – Valentines is that day to remind each other that we are nothing without love and I most certainly will be going out of my way to remind my special someone that I really appreciate her not just on Valentine’s Day but with every opportunity that presents it’s self after.

I will also send lots of love to my mother because she means everything.

Josh Hozheri

To me.

Valentine’s Day can be enjoyed and celebrated by anyone even a single person, the idea is to send a beautiful message to who you love.


MUKOMA PANGA (MUSICIAN/LAWYER/FARMER) – We are born to love and we should love always.

God is love and He always loves us unconditionally.

Equally let us also always love those special to us and not wait for one day in a year ko the other days unenge uchiitei?

Chikuru rudo and not kuonana setinopenga murudo. Don’t wait for one day in a year to paint your love life red.

I will always be there for the one l love on this particular day and on all other days.

Hwesa and wife

That being said I wish a happy Valentine’s Day to everyone in love and those searching.


HWESA MASANGO (MBIRA PLAYER/HERBALIST) – My valentine day will start at Johane Masowe WeChishanhu Sowe with my wife since it’s a Friday Sabbath.

Thereafter, I will have our Zimtotems Mbira gig whereby my wife, MaMoyo, as usual, will accompany me to the show where Zimtotems will dish out some mellow mbira vibes to entertain lovers who will be celebrating Valentine.

However, personally, I believe love should be celebrated every day because of its core to our livelihood as per God’s design


FAITH CANDY (MUSICIAN/ACTRESS/MODEL) – I just believe that every day is a Valentine’s Day for those who are truly in love and for those who believe in Valentine’s Day they should spend it in a well-desired way because I believe love has no limits.


ANDY KAYZ (WHEEL-SPINNER/ENTREPRENEUR) – You are the only girl in my life.

The flower that will forever bloom here in my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day!

You are my valentine and I am blessed for that. Happy Valentine’s Day honey.

Even flowers want you as their valentine and I am lucky that you are my valentine.

You are my love, my best friend, my one and only

Now, let me be your Valentines once more.


FIRST FARAI (MUSICIAN) – With my wife, we are in love every day.

It’s like every day its Valentine to us but just to celebrate with others l will take my wife out on the day for some fun.


JOEY NYIKADZINO (ACTRESS/COLUMNIST/BEAUTICIAN) – I am one particular person who believes every day is special when it comes to love especially when you are in love with the right person.

However, Valentines Day is special in its own way as people celebrate this day as a whole.

Just like any other day, I will spend this special day in a special way and of course, I will not be in Harare on this particular day but what I know is whoever I will be with will make it worthwhile.

For those in love, I wish them well, those still searching I wish them good luck!


FAITH “CHIHERA” TARUVINGA (EVENTS MANAGER/FASHIONISTA) – I am happy to be celebrating Valentine’s Day with my loved daughter and siblings in Zimbabwe.

I believe in love and to me, it’s a special day I treasure in my dairy.

To those who still searching, I don’t stop just be patient Mr / Miss  Right is on way.

I wish all Zimbabweans a happy Valentine’s Day filled with love and happiness.

It doesn’t cost a cent to love, let love lead since life is too short.


ROMEO GASA (MUSICIAN) – Valentine’s Day is a special day which should be observed by the lovebirds.

In my case, I will do something for my wise even though it is leap year where ladies are supposed to spoil us.

To the unlucky in love, keep searching, your prayers will be answered.


EDITH “WEUTONGA” KATIJI – I am over 10000 km from the one I love so year…


CHIDO MUSASIWA (events manager/mentor/artiste) – Valentines is a day I have never really invested in as it’s always been a working day.

I do receive a traditional red rose which I love and on leap years, I try to make an effort usually giving him a scent I like.

This year is a working day but we have set a dinner date and I have a little red dress for the occasion.


DINO MUDONDO (SOUTH AFRICA BASED MUSICIAN) – Whilst I still believe that Valentine’s Day can be every day I’m going to spend mine alone because I’m one of those unlucky in love.

However, I will find solace in entertaining those in love at Valentine’s gig I’m booked for in Witbank Mupumalanga.

I’m dedicating my new hit song Zengeza from my current hit album No Lumo to all those in love.


Maungira Edenga (Kwekwe based gospel choral group) – As Maungira Edenga we will be at Valentine’s dinner which is being organised by Vakundi Ministries. We hold a couple’s dinner at Valentine’s Day every year. We seek to promote unity among families. Rudo imoto rwunokushidzirwa.

Gary Tight (Afro-pop artiste)- Valentine’s day is a special day which l believe in, I’m spending it with my fans spreading the love to make the day extra special to those searching nguva inokwana. l want to wish everyone a happy special Valentine’s Day filled with joy and special memories of life. On February 15 I will entertain people in Mabvuku at Ebony Sports Bar and Night Club (Old Tafara).

SEH CALAZ (ZIM dancehall chanter) – It is a day to celebrate the gift of love. Love comes in different forms and from various sources as well. Of course, priority is to be with family and loved ones and just enjoy the day. It is also important to show love to others who might not be close to us. As the saying goes, love makes the world go round. God also instructs to be agents of love. Let’s spread and show genuine love.

Elder Shambare (music promoter) – As for me I do not believe in Valentines, I am of the belief that we don’t need a designated day to show love to our partners. It should be simply an ongoing thing living and loving daily. To me, Valentine’s Day is too artificial and people approach it with pressure to show love but that should be ongoing. The present must be given to each other not on the basis of a day but naturally flowing love.