"Mercy" A depiction of the life of the girl child in today's society

It seems today's society is oblivious to the various challenges, ills and deception the girl child is subjected to day in day out or is it? Whichever way, Kay Prince is one artist who will not stand still and watch this ignorance go unchecked and he addresses some of  those fiendish ways the girl child is being exploited in Mercy.

This story told by Kay Prince follows a sad story of a girl deceived by a married man into a relationship and in the end he gets her pregnant but runs away from the responsibility,leaving her to fend for herself.

The soong  follows through the life of a teenage girl who is crooked by a married man into a relationship in which she gets pregnant. The married man tries to force her to abort but Mercy was of the idea of keeping the baby and this led the man to block her and disappear from her life. Left to raise her child alone Mercy is compelled to lead a life of prostitution which results in several unfortunate cases

Mercy thus becomes today's tunetastic tuesday pick, Enjoy and be sure to like and leave a comment.