"My entire life was a series of f**k-ups"- lessons from Ruvheneko

A woman distinguished by her works and not her sex, Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa

The greatest lesson in life is to always bounce back when you sink into the deepest pit of failure and disappointments

Award-winning media personality Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa bared out her personal life and one can pick up a few pointers from what the celebrated media icon had to say.

In her speech at Impact Hub Harare session, last Friday, the celebrated media icon, opened up on her closely guarded personal life and many can agree it was an eye opener. The session dubbed F***UP Nights, saw Ruvheneko baring some of the low points in her education, career and marriage life (yes she was married).

Narrating how her Paediatrician dream was flushed due to an honest mistake, one could relate on the uncertainties of life that switches up the path one is set on. In the same wave of conventional careers she hopped to a Law dream which died as soon as it started when she found herself caught up in a strong love affair with radio. And just like that she quit her law dream to pursue her new found passions.

Fast forward six years, Ruvheneko made an earth shuttering interview with the charismatic Pastor Evan Mawarire that not only blew up on social media but ended her job at ZiFm Stereo as it was deemed too politically controversial.

Still facing the disappointment she got a call from Stunner to do an interview on the artist’s chaotic union with Olinda Chapel. Her only job was to grill him and provoke emotions and to her surprise the show became a stepping stone to a whole new idea of digital media and so the Ruvheneko Facebook shows were born. Unfortunately the glory was short lived as the show was buried when the cornerstone of the show, her dear friend Tafadzwa breathed his last in a fatal accident. As if that was not enough she got divorced and had to find it in herself to get up and get the pieces of her life in order.

Her low points go on and on but one crucial message to anyone pursuing a career in the eyes of the public is to bounce back from any low points. Celebrities and public figures are human too and it is crucial to view them as such and not to put them high up on a pedestal while waiting for any slips to troll them on social media.