Oskid “kicked out” of ZiFM

Oskid “kicked out” of ZiFM
Dj Oskid

Controversial music producer Prince ‘Oskid’ Tapfuma and his label Oskid Productions have parted ways with AB Communications subsidiary Six Finger Records amid alleged contractual breaches and unprofessionalism on the former’s part.

A source close to the developments revealed that the split was due to a misunderstanding,

“Oskid and his team were sent packing from the studio recently and this is because there was a misunderstanding, hazvina kupera mushe [it did not end well]”

“The guys had become very unprofessional and as we speak there are artists complaining about their conduct that includes delaying people’s projects and generally inconveniencing artists”, said the source.

This is not the first time that the producer has been accused of mischief, in 2016 he made headlines after being accused of double bookings, not turning up for scheduled recordings and treating some big artists as sacred at the expense of other paying artists.

It has been reported that Oskid Productions representative, Shepherd Tsandukwa dismissed the circumstances leading to the separation saying that they took the new route to grow their brand. He is said to have confirmed the split but not on the grounds of unprofessionalism.

Oskid’s stable is however looking forward to growing their brand outside the confines of ZiFM and have huge projects in the pipeline such as the ‘OSKID TALENT SEARCH’.