OyOs Music partners with Jungle Entertainment Ventures, Nigeria

OyOs Music partners with Jungle Entertainment Ventures, Nigeria
Jungle Entertainment Ventures logo
The recently launched local buying and selling music platform, OyOs has spread its wings by officially partnering with the biggest music distribution enterprise in Africa, Jungle Entertainment Ventures based in Nigeria.
Both brands have made significant strides towards the recognition and distribution of local music. Jungle and OyOs have also been instrumental in copyright representation and curbing piracy, respectively. The latter, who are fairly new to the game have played a significant role in curbing piracy by discouraging people from pirating music and encouraging them to adopt a culture of supporting their own artists by actually buying their music through their platform. The former, on the other hand, plays a role of copyright representation of artists. Since its conception in 2012, Jungle Entertainment Ventures has been a financier and intermediary between content creators, digital service providers and performance rights organisations.
The venture primarily focuses on worldwide digital music distribution and publishing. Speaking to the vice president of Jungle, Tannia Ngwena she highlighted that they deliver content to established digital platforms such as iTunes, Google play, TIDAL, Spotify and VEVO, to name a few. She further noted that their digital brand names include Runtown, Falz, Simi from Nigeria, and local stars such as Killer T, Seh Calaz, Stunner, Trevor Dongo, Nox, Dobba Don, Freeman and Takura. Ngwena said that they work alongside KOSHA management, local digital-centric brand management and marketing firm. KOSHA does digital consultancy, marketing strategy, plugging, branding and business management for Jungle distributed Southern African brands. The flagship brand from Zimbabwe for KOSHA is currently the trending hip hop artist Takura.
This partnership promises to further promote the visibility, growth and development of local musicians, at the same time protecting their artist rights. By partnering with Jungle Entertainment Ventures which is recognized globally, OyOs affords local musicians a chance to be visible on the international music scene.a