TelOne DEOD bringing transformation to the local film industry

TelOne DEOD bringing transformation to the local film industry
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TELONE has announced the first local content catalogue on the Digital Entertainment on Demand (DEOD) platform, which includes “Mwanasikana 1 and 2”, and “Sores of Emmanuel”.

The company offers international subscription and rental movie or series and the addition of local Zimbabwean content comes as a strategic imperative.

Launching its first local content catalogue is a key milestone in making the DEOD platform useful in promoting local productions. It opens doors for more local content producers and strengthens the local arts industry in a big way.

Available on a rent-per-title basis, a selection of movies from Zimbabwean aggregator and distributor Zollywood, are now accessible to citizens including the Diaspora.

TelOne DEOD has partnered Zollywood as a beginning of a journey to support and showcase local content and talent. Co-founders Tony Mliswa and Thulani Matsvimbo of Zollywood, established it after realising there was no particular outlet for Zimbabwean films in the Diaspora, which resulted in productions from other African markets dominating.

Zimbabwe’s film industry has been shaping up lately and some movies have already premiered and generating massive feedback, such as Chinhoyi 7, Overspill, Mind Games, Death and other Complication, Kushata Kwemoyo and Harare Working Wives.

This could be a good move in shaping up the industry and it could turn out well for the various stakeholders.