Up-close and Personal- Getting to know N.One

Up-close and Personal- Getting to know N.One

Nigel Ngwarayi Madzimure better known by his fans as N.One, is the talent behind the ‘Rozaria’ love jam and has managed to make noise in the music circles.

As OyOsNews we managed to get a chat with the artist and get to know more about him and his music.

Who is N.One?

N.One is an Afro-contemporary musician. I was born a musician, but back in primary school I met a very good music teacher who inspired me a lot by the name Mr Shonhiwa. He led the school choir and drama club and those were my favourite days at school. I was academically good but I just enjoyed creative arts.

How did the stage name N.One come about?

My full name is Nigel Ngwarayi Madzimure .The name Nigel means Black Haired champion and I’m also the first born in my family So this were the name N.One originated from, and my guys endorsed it.

You dropped a love jam ‘Rozaria’ a few weeks ago, how has been the music journey so far?

I recorded my first singles in 2017 which included the songs Uzumba a tribute to my rural folks, Dubai a dance and love song which managed to get airplay .On the 7th of December 2017 I launched my first album at the Volt. The album got a wonderful response which sustained us through 2018. On this album I was featured by one of Pakare Paye off-springs, Donald KanyuchI. The album had quite a number of successful tracks like Izioma, Mumambure and NdiMwari. We started 2019 with an album Chamungere and dropped a video for Rozaria on the same day to celebrate love. The video was directed by Slimaz Pro and it is available on YouTube.

Any projects lined up for this year, collaborations, videos or shows?

I am currently working with my band UJambo getting ready for shows and functions. We promise our fans more, we are working on a number of projects and we will be dropping more visuals and collaborations with Kudzi Nyakudya and Terry Afrika.