WATCH: Enzo Ishall Drops Official

WATCH: Enzo Ishall Drops Official
A scene in the video.

It has been a long wait, but local Zimdancehall superstar, Enzo Ishall has officially dropped the music video for the popular hit single "50 Magate" which raised a lot of hype along with controversy earlier in January this year.

The video itself does not disappoint and it features local Zim Hip Hop star, Kikky Badass, showing off her prowess as a connoisseur in the twerking artform. In the video, Kikky is standing with her friends while she twerks to one of Enzo Ishall's songs. Noticing that their friend might have a huge problem, they take her to "Madzibaba Stallion", who is played by Enzo Ishall, to be exorcised.

For the rest of the video, Kikky will be twerking while Enzo Ishall pours vats of water down her backside to the rhythm of the song. This act inspired several women around the country to take part in the "50 Magate challenge" in which they twerk while having water poured down their buttocks.

The behind-the-scenes video sparked a lot of controversies earlier this year due to its explicit nature. Within a few hours of the official video being uploaded onto the YouTube platform, it has already amassed thousands of views and a huge section of the music industry is still yet to respond to the video.